New Districts


Confused About Redistricting?
Let’s Unpack This!!

The “Old” NY19
Congressman Delgado will be appointed
Lieutenant Governor of New York – tomorrow

There will be a
Special Election on August 23 
to fill Congressman Delgado’s seat 
The ballot for the Special Election places
Democrat Pat Ryan (Ulster County Executive)
Republican Marcus Molinaro (Dutchess County Executive)

The victor will go to Washington DC representing the Old NY19
until the end of the term

Why is this important?
Because if Pat Ryan wins this election,
it will give him tremendous momentum

for the upcoming race he will need to win:
The congressional seat in the NEW NY18

The “New” NY18
MOST of Dutchess County will now be in NY18, 
as well as
about half of Ulster and all of Orange 
The bottom righthand corner (the southeast corner)
of Dutchess will fall in NY17 where Sean Patrick Maloney plans
to run and he may be primaried
Take a look at the

Pat Ryan is running for Congress in the NEW NY18.
His opponent is a far right Republican named Colin Schmitt
We will be voting for PAT RYAN for Congress
in the November Election

The “New” NY19
Republican Marc Molinaro will continue to
run for Congress in the New NY19.
Now…this gets tricky so read carefully: 
Because the State districts have been altered too,
the old State District 41
puts two incumbent State Senators in the same district:
Democrat Michelle Hinchey and Republican Sue Serino
We will be working as hard as we can
on behalf of Michelle Hinchey

Democrat Jamie Cheney has been running in the
“Old” 41 against Serino but she does not want to
primary Michelle Hinchey who is doing a wonderful job in Albany
(We respect Ms. Cheney for her selfless decision to
withdraw from the state senate race)
Jamie Cheney has decided to
run against Marc Molinaro in the new NY19
She will need to participate in a primary for the Democratic seat
because there is another Democrat, Josh Riley, running as well
Both candidates need the required number of signatures to get on the ballot

The Democratic PRIMARY will take place on June 28
The following incumbents are being primaried: 
 Kathy Hochul for Governor 
 Antonio Delgado for Lt. Governor 
 Kevin Cahill for Assembly 
Please note: the Assembly Districts have not changed

Please try to digest the news above
We will keep providing information
with as much clarity as we can

to understand
is that every registered Democrat has to vote in

so that our candidates have a chance to win:
Special Election to fill Delgado’s congressional seat
Primary to determine State & Federal candidates
General Election to vote for the Democratic Candidates

Check Your Summer Calendars NOW
and determine if you will need an absentee ballot 
for any of the elections
Apply HERE for an absentee ballot
June 28 – Primary
August 23- Special Election
November 8 – General Election

There will be early voting days
and we will pass that information along once we have it

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